The National Association of Unemployment Insurance Appeals Professionals (NAUIAP) is an organization of persons involved in deciding unemployment insurance appeals.  The members of NAUIAP are committed to continuous improvement of the unemployment insurance appellate process by providing continuous education, sharing best practices, and assuring the due process in all aspects of appellate review.

A NAUIAP Active/Full Membership is for an individual who regularly performs at least one of the following functions:  decides lower and/or higher authority UI cases; as a lower or higher authority employee, assists in decision issuance or defense of decisions in court; directly supervises lower or higher authority hearing officers.  Associate Membership is for an individual who is a former member no longer eligible for active membership; a governmental employee involved in legal affairs related to the UI appeals process; involved in administration of UI appeals; a non-governmental party involved in administration of UI appeals and/or representing/advising claimants and/or employers in UI appeals hearings/matters. 

The annual NAUIAP conference has become a national event that provides a rich educational experience for those who attend.  The agenda of each conference always addresses the difficult and “hot” topics facing the UI program.