2017 Conference Materials – Downloads (members only)

First, thank you to all of our members who helped make the 2017 Conference a huge success!  We simply could not do this without your support.

Second, below you will find all of the download links for the most popular presentations at the conference.  Many of you asked to have access to these for future reference so we have setup this page for our members to have access to these downloads anytime you might need them in the future.

If you have any issues, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

2017 NAUIAP Conference | Seattle


  • Assessing Credibility PPT
  • Assessing Credibility DOC
  • Central-Panels-as-a-Home-for-UI-Appeals-1.pptx
  • Central-Panels-as-a-Home-for-UI-Appeals.pptx
  • Dealing-with-High-Profile-Appeals.pptx
  • ETA-Handbook-382-from-the-Hearing-Officer-Perspective-Effective-Decision-Writing-Using-the-Handbook-Criteria.pptx
  • ETA-Handbook-382-from-the-Hearing-Officer-Perspective-How-to-Begin-Conduct-and-Close-a-Fair-Hearing.pptx
  • ETA-Handbook-382-from-the-Hearing-Officer-Perspective-The-Big-5-Critical-Hearing-and-Due-Process-Criteria.ppt
  • Ethics-and-Professionalism-in-Administrative-Hearings.zip
  • Evidence-for-Administrative-Hearings-Professionals.pptx
  • Impact-of-Recent-State-Law-Concerning-Marijuana.pdf
  • Interaction-with-the-Court.pptx
  • NAUIAP-Survey-Responses.docx
  • Qualifying-and-Managing-Interpreters.pdf
  • Standards-for-Remands-and-Addressing-Credibility-1.pptx
  • Standards-for-Remands-and-Addressing-Credibility-2.pptx
  • The Pros and Cons of Administering Justice from Home and Other Inducements Designed to Retain Talent
  • US DOL Legislative Initiatives
  • Voluntary Quits due to Harassment and Hostile Work Environment
  • What They Think of Us–Current Issues in UI Appeals Hearings from the Claimant and Employer Camps
  • Recent Developments and Discussion of Future Trends in Worker Status in the Gig Economy