NAUIAP Membership is Easier Than Ever

NAUIAP offers individual Active and Associate memberships for $50 per year.  States also have the option to purchase a state membership and provide the benefits of NAUIAP membership to their appeals professionals for a flat fee, depending on the number of people enrolled.  The prices for state memberships are listed below.

• $500 to enroll one to 25 members;
• $1,000 to enroll 26 to 75 members;
• $1,500 to enroll 76 or more members.

By purchasing a state membership, many states will recognize considerable savings as compared to purchase price of a traditional yearly individual membership for each of their appeals professionals.  For example, if your state currently pays the individual membership dues for 25 hearing examiners, you could save $750 each year by switching to a state membership.  Additionally, members enrolled through a state membership option are not required to pay the $50 membership fee when registering for the annual conference.

When purchasing a state membership, please be sure to include a list of the appeals professionals you would like your membership to include. To apply for a state membership online, simply fill out the membership application and pay by credit card. Memberships may also be purchased via purchase order (PO) by clicking on “Membership Registration by Purchase Order” and filling out the form. If you purchase a membership via purchase order, NAUIAP’s Treasurer will contact you to make payment arrangements.

Membership in NAUIAP puts you in touch with the most vibrant group of unemployment insurance leaders across the country.  We provide the Navigator newsletter three times per year that includes articles on emerging unemployment insurance appeals issues, and we also provide professional development, webinar-based trainings and continuing legal education.  In addition to these benefits, NAUIAP members also have access to our database of materials from several years of previous conferences and networking opportunities with UI appeals professionals throughout the nation.

A message from past President, Alice Mitchell, on the advantages of state membership

Active/Full membership is for an individual who regularly performs at least one of the following functions: decides lower and/or higher authority UI cases; as a lower or higher authority employee, assists in decision issuance or defense of decisions in court; directly supervises lower or higher authority hearing officers. Active/Full members have voting rights.

Associate membership is for an individual who is a former member no longer eligible for active membership; a governmental employee involved in legal affairs related to the UI appeals process; involved in administration of UI appeals; a non-governmental party involved in administration of UI appeals and/or representing/advising claimants and/or employers in UI appeals hearings/matters. Associate members do not have voting rights.

The annual NAUIAP conference has become a national event that provides a rich educational experience for those who attend. The agenda of each conference always addresses the difficult and “hot” topics facing the UI program.

Membership Registration Paid via Purchase Order (PO)

If you would like to purchase a membership for your agency and need to use a PO to invoice the fee, please click the link below.

Membership Registration Paid Online

If you would like to pay for your membership online with your credit or debit card, please select a membership below.

If you have any difficulty purchasing or renewing your NAUIAP membership, please contact Dan Doherty at:

Individual Membership$50 /yearSelect
Small State Membership$500/yearSelect
Medium State Membership$1,000/yearSelect
Large State Membership$1,500/yearSelect